5 Reasons Why Your New Jersey & New York Replacement Window Dealer is as Important as the Brand You Choose

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At Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro replacement windows and patio doors, we are proud of our brand. Our parent company, Andersen Corporation, has been in the window business, perfecting home windows for more than 100 years. Partnering with Andersen means we have access to the latest manufacturing technology and equipment and scientists who continually work to make our windows more durable, more beautiful and more energy-efficient. However, as important as it is to choose a reputable window or patio door brand when you make the decision to invest in a major home renovation project, wisely choosing your dealer is equally important.

5 Reasons You Want (& Need) a Local Dealer with a Good Reputation as Your Partner

  1. Your Replacement Window Dealer is Your Best Advocate

Buying any home improvement product that directly impacts the value of your home is an important decision that shouldn’t be made in haste. While you can, and should, do your research to make sure you find the right products and services, where you buy your windows really does matter. Partnering with a dealer who has decades of experience coordinating replacement window projects ensures you get the benefit of past successes and learning opportunities. In a world where savvy consumers demand exceptional service, your window dealer has a vested interest in every sale. This ensures the company works hard to make sure you get the right window for every room in your home, whether you are looking for ways to reduce heating and air conditioning bills or you want to enhance security and safety in your home.

  1. Peace of Mind & Total Satisfaction

Installing new home windows isn’t like replacing a pair of shoes that will only last a few years at the most. High-quality, precision-built replacement windows are manufactured to perform perfectly for as long as you live in your home. It’s a big, but wise, investment. Buying your upgrades from a local dealer with a solid reputation in the community means that if you ever have a problem, or want help filing a warranty claim, you can call the same number you called to schedule your first home-consultation. You have peace of mind the company will still be there if you need help.

  1. Reputable Dealers Like Well-Informed Consumers

The buying and installation process is easier when consumers have enough information to make wise choices. Brands often offer consumer discounts, incentives and rebates on a national scale. Disreputable dealers may mark their prices up to cover those incentives, resulting in no benefit for the buyer. Working with a local dealer who values your business is just as important as choosing a brand with a good reputation and performance track record. In a competitive marketplace, unscrupulous dealers won’t last long, especially when consumers take the time to do some comparison shopping. Plus, along with manufacturers’ discounts, replacement window dealers have the option of offering local specials in addition to the national programs.

  1. Customer Service Today & Tomorrow

You could head to the local hardware or big box store to buy your replacement windows and patio doors, but then you would have to install your new windows yourself or invest lots of time vetting contractors who may or may not have experience installing the brand you choose. When you work with a dealer who also installs your new home windows, you get fully-trained contractors who have extensive experience installing windows according to manufacturers’ guidelines. This means you don’t have to worry about installation problems voiding your warranty. When you buy from Renewal by Andersen, your installation – both parts and labor – is guaranteed for a full 24 months. You won’t get that coverage if you self-install windows you buy yourself.

  1. There Isn’t A Factory Direct Replacement Window Option

Sometimes eliminating the middle man helps consumers save money. We’ve all seen those discount warehouses and factory outlets where you can save 50%, 60% or more off the original retail price. However, when it’s time to upgrade your home windows, these options don’t make sense. Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro replacement windows are built to exacting measurements to precisely fit the opening left when your current windows are removed. This reduces construction expense associated with installation. If you measure incorrectly, you may or may not be able to return the windows you bought off the shelf, but you’ll have a hole in the side of your home that needs a window. What then? Choosing the best replacement window dealer as your home renovation partner means you won’t have to worry about getting windows and patio doors that don’t fit.

Choose Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro as Your Replacement Window Dealer

Brands matter. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows and patio doors get some of the highest ratings for performance and energy-efficiency. We’re proud of our brand and our parent company and we want to be your replacement window and patio door dealer. We’ll work hard to help you design your new windows to help you achieve your home improvement goals. Just fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a free, no-obligation home consultation today.

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