Picture windows are really common in New Jersey and Metro New York home living rooms, but that doesn’t mean that a picture window is always the best choice. Yes, they offer expansive views – but what if there was a better type of window for your living room?

Bay and bow windows offer a variety of advantages over simple picture windows. If you’ve never considered a bay or bow window for your home, take some time to think about the following advantages of these beautiful window styles.

#1. Bay & Bow Windows Provide Improved Light Indoors

Bay and bow windows both project outward into the yard. More glass means more light entering your home. These windows capture daylight that some picture windows can’t capture, which makes your home’s interior brighter and more lovely.

Improved natural light indoors makes your home seem more cheerful, welcoming and spacious. Plus, if you ever decide to sell your home, a bright interior will be an important feature. More light can help make your home more appealing to buyers.

#2. Bay & Bow Windows Improve Ventilation

Unlike picture windows, bay and bow windows can include vented windows, which means improved ventilation. Being able to open windows in your living room during moderate weather can make it easier to allow breezes into your home on a warm spring or autumn day.

#3. Bay Windows Can Give You an Extra Window Seat

Bay windows create a natural place where you can sit. Place pillows on your bay window ledge to create a comfortable window seat where you can relax, read, and watch the world go by.

Is a window seat an important feature for you? Then you’ll want a bay window over a bow window – bay windows have a deeper bench. Bow windows have a shallow bench that aren’t deep enough to sit on.

#4. Bay & Bow Windows Improve Beautiful Views

Bay and bow windows both offer beautiful views. Since both windows peer outward into the yard, they each allow for a different perspective than you would get from a picture window. You’ll love the scenes you can see from your bay and bow windows – and you might see something you never would have noticed from a picture window.

#5. Bay & Bow Windows Provide New Opportunities to Decorate

Do you love to decorate for the holidays? You can decorate your bay or bow window by setting up a scene on the sill in front of the window. Consider placing a stuffed snowman or a short holiday tree on your bay window sill. Even just scattering holiday lights on the sill of your bow window can create a lovely effect when the lights reflect on the many angled windows.

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