Bay (and bow) replacement windows expand the viewing area beyond the glass so you can enjoy the natural beauty as the landscape changes throughout the seasons. While you are watching the annual bird migrations and fall foliage, you may want to give your bay or window a mini-makeover in preparation for family gatherings and holiday parties. Because we all lead such busy lives today, the Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro team offers you a few quick options that are sure to impress, but won’t take a lot of time or money.

#1. Store the Seat Cushion & Think Fall Table Decorations

Gather inspiration normally reserved for other rooms in your home to create a simple, unorthodox display. When company is coming and you only have a short time to prepare, convert the seating area into a mini-serving station. Replace your cushion with a quilt to lay a warm foundation. Then, create  “centerpiece” with a tall vase filled with stalks of wheat or cotton. Surround the vase with little decorative pumpkins in white, orange, red or green gourds. Stack fluffy floor pillow and extra throws near your window. Pull out your holiday tea pot and coffee urn. Add your hors d’oeuvres and finger foods, and relax.

#2. Bring in the Light

Day-lighting is easier with large windows. By design, your bay window or bow window captures more natural light than a slider, casement or double hung window because you have more panels. As the days shorten, and we rely more heavily on artificial lighting, the window ledge offers an out-of-the-box solution to convert a seating area to a workstation. Place a lamp on each end of the ledge. Add things normally seen on a foyer desk. Keep it simple. Flower arrangements, candles and a couple of books.

#3. Hang a Giant Wreath

If you want to keep the seating area available for guests and family, hang a giant wreath suspended from the ceiling on a plant hook. A ceiling mount is recommended so you protect your replacement window frame and trim work from damage. Those blessed with the craftiness gene can make your own with twigs, berries and foliage gathered from your garden, the rest of us can find premade seasonal wreaths at the local hobby shops and big box stores. Check out these beautiful options from Good Housekeeping for inspiration.

#4. Create a New Mood for the New Season

Adding a recessed LED light strip above or beneath your bay window seat sets the mood for your entertainment area. You’ll find dozens of colors with different intensity levels, so there is something out there for every setting. A quick trip to the store, or some time spent browsing online lighting retailers, and a few minutes for installation will transform your space instantly.

$5. Put Your Walls to Work

Add some visual texture to the walls surrounding your window seat. Even a narrow strip will accommodate a small shelf for plants, books or miniature artwork. Choose your pieces wisely for the biggest impact.

Fall is Fabulous. We hope these simple tips inspire you to keep your bay and bow windows dressed for every occasion.

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