Spring is here! Winter has melted away and spring has announced its arrival. The birds are chirping, flowers are starting to bloom and the view out your windows are becoming greener and more beautiful. Dressing up your windows for spring is one way that you can enjoy this season and the coming summer. By dressing up your windows, you can draw attention to the lovely view out your window and thus bring the beauty of spring into your home.

#1. Decorative Window Films Add Color and Texture

Stick-on window films are available for sale at home improvement centers and online. They can make your windows look like stained glass or just add lighted patterns and colors to your home.

Window films are an excellent decoration in rooms that lack a good view but still have lots of natural sunlight. Window films are great in an accent window in a kitchen or bathroom. In windows that are not regularly exposed to sunlight, the window film can darken the room, so be choosy about where you install window films in your home. If your windows are still under warranty, be sure adding window films will not invalidate your window warranty.

#2. Window Boxes Add Beauty and Color

Window boxes put beautiful flowers and plants just outside your windows, for easy access and easy viewing. Some window boxes can be easily attached to your house without making new holes in your siding.

Other window boxes need to be physically attached to your house. Know what kind you’re buying and how to attach them to your home. If you’re not comfortable installing window boxes on your house, work with a handyman or contractor to get the work done.

Don’t want the regular maintenance of having to water and care for live flowers. Look for real-looking artificial flowers for your window boxes. Get the right ones and arrange them carefully and your neighbors will never know.

#3. Tissue Paper Stained Glass Crafts

You can make your own window films with tissue paper stained glass crafts. To get the job done, you’ll need tissue paper, clear shelf liner or contact paper, scissors, and construction paper. See the PBS website for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this project for yourself.

#4. Control Landscaping Outside

The landscaping outside your window doesn’t just impact your home’s curb appeal: it also impacts your view of the outdoors. As you plan your landscaping for the coming year, give thought to what you’ll be able to see out your home’s windows. Colorful flowers, well-trimmed shrubs and ornamental trees can all add visual interest to your yard, creating a beautiful scene for you to enjoy. Consider the colors you’d like to see from inside your house.

If your window is blocked by overgrown shrubs or trees, consider pruning them. Be careful when pruning plants – too much pruning at once can damage your plants and leave them vulnerable to disease. If you’re not sure how much pruning is safe, consult with an arborist or gardener for advice.

#5. New Spring Window Treatments

Make your windows sparkle with new window treatments that stand out! This time of year, it’s a pleasure to see breezy, light-cotton treatments that sway in the spring breeze. Supplement your window treatments with blinds that can be used to keep out the harsh summer sun when the seasons turn warm.

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