Common home window problems are usually more noticeable during extreme weather events in New Jersey and New York. An arctic cold front passing through, a record-breaking heat wave and storms that bring torrential rainfall are three events that may expose issues that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Here are five common window problems that replacement windows solve instantly.

#1. Window Failure

Faulty windows, those that won’t open and close easily, have lost the ability to stay open without a prop and windows with damaged or missing weather-stripping are a pain. Some failure issues are more bothersome than costly, but missing weather-stripping, sealant failure and broken panes make it almost impossible to keep your home comfortable without paying unnecessarily high heating and cooling bills.

#2. Condensation on Windows

Foggy window panes indicate you may have an indoor humidity problem. You may also have a sealant problem or a broken pane that is allowing moisture to collect between the glass panels. The decision to install replacement windows to control condensation hinges on the root cause of the moisture problem. A professional can help you decide whether repair or replacement is the most appropriate solution.

#3. Home Security

Broken home window locks, latches and operating handles pose serious security risks. Some problems can be eliminated by simply replacing the damaged part with a new one. It can be very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to find replacement parts for old windows, especially if you are not sure of the brand or even how old the window is.

High-quality replacement window styles, including double-hung, sliders and casements, all have added security features. When modern replacement windows are part of the overall home security plan, homeowners have peace of mind their doing everything they can to protect their family.

#4. Damaged Window Frames

Warped, cracked, and rotted wood window frames allow air, moisture and invasive critters to gain access to your indoor spaces. Damaged window frames also allow mold colonies to grow around your windows and inside wall cavities, posing serious health risks. Damaged frames may lead to extensive structural damage if not repaired quickly. Replacement windows with Fibrex composite window frames instantly eliminate problems associated with weather related failure, and prevent a recurrence in the future.

#5. Window Leaks & Drafts

Two of the most common complaints about aging windows is hot or cold spots throughout the home and puddles of cold air beneath a window during the winter months.

Drafty windows make it hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and increase heating and air conditioning bills. Broken seals and glass, low quality construction materials and damaged frames may be responsible for drafts and leaks around a window. Clearly, replacing an aging window with multiple issues will immediately make your home for comfortable and less expensive to maintain.

Many minor problems with home windows can often be repaired. It would not make financial sense to install a replacement window just because the insect screen was damaged or an otherwise sound window needed a new operating handle.

For more serious problems, replacement windows are a perfect solution to enhance safety, security, and comfort in your home.

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