Window installation can be expensive, so some homeowners try to soften the impact to their finances by purchasing less expensive windows, or by hiring a less expensive window installation contractor.

Skimping on window installation can have unfortunate results. If you’re planning to install new windows in your home, it’s important to ensure that the products you purchase are good quality, and the contractor who does the work is knowledgeable about installing that particular manufacturer’s of window. Below are four problems you might encounter if you choose to install poor quality windows and how to avoid them. 

#1. Hard to Operate Windows

Good quality windows open and close easily, without a lot of physical exertion. Windows that are of poor quality may not open or close easily, which makes them harder to use. If they’re difficult to open now when they’re brand new, how do you think they’ll fare over time. They likely are not going to “break in”, but get harder to operate over time. If you’re older, being able to open and close your windows without a lot of physical exertion may be very important. After all, being able to open and close your windows is a safety issue. You may not care right now if opening your windows is difficult, but how much will you care in 10 years? Consider this important issue before making your purchase. 

#2. Window Water Leaks

Poorly installed windows may leak, either soon upon being installed, or after a few years. This is a health and safety as well as efficiency issue. If your windows allow moisture into the structure of your house, mold can grow inside and on the surface of your walls, which is a health risk for your family. Worse, moisture inside the walls can start to cause rot and attract insects like termites and carpenter ants, which can do significant structural damage to your home. It is critically important to hire a window installer who knows the manufacturer’s recommended installation methods for their particular window and can get the work done right. When you work with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro, we install the windows for you. You won’t have to find a separate window installer. This is one way to ensure that your windows will be installed by an expert!

#3. Breezes & Drafts Around & Through Your Windows

Poorly installed windows and low quality windows could have gaps between the window and the frame or between the window frame and house that lead to breezes and drafts. This can make your home uncomfortable in winter and summer, when air leaks can make your home warmer or colder than you like. 

#4. Energy Inefficient Windows

Breezes and drafts from poor fitting or poorly installed windows can make your home energy inefficient, which ultimately can lead to high utility bills, discomfort and problems with your HVAC system. It’s important to install the most energy efficient windows in your home. The best energy efficient windows can help you save hundreds of dollars yearly on your utility bills. Poor quality windows don’t provide those savings, so even if you save money in the short run on lesser quality windows, you’ll spend more in the long run on your heating and air conditioning bills. 

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