It’s important to love your view out the windows of your home. If you’re not happy with your views, there are things you can do to make your view more satisfying and beautiful to behold. These four tips can improve your home’s appeal and can improve your quality of life, at the same time.

#1. Stained Glass Decorations Add Color to Your Windows

Hang a stained-glass decoration from the glass on your window. This is most effective in windows with a western or southern exposure because the sun will catch the light and fill your home with dappled colored light.

Most of the time, stained-glass decorations come with a suction cup that’s strong enough to keep it attached to the glass. If your decoration doesn’t come with a suction cup, be sure to buy one that will support the weight of your particular decoration.

#2. Arts & Crafts Add Seasonal Flair to Your Windows

You don’t have to buy a stained-glass decoration for your window – you can also make one! Using tissue paper, construction paper and clear contact paper, you can make a mock stained-glass decoration for your window. In fact, you can make a different tissue paper decoration for every season. And, since they’re usually lighter than real stained glass, you can make them bigger for bold impact without worrying how to hang them.

Not sure how to proceed with this kind of craft project? There are many tutorials online. Check out this one from PBS.

#3. Hang Plants or Install Window Boxes

Plants make everything beautiful. If the ugly view out your window doesn’t include plants of any kind, then hang plants in front of your window to cover up the view and bring life into your home. Remember to choose plants that are suitable for the lighting conditions in the area. If possible, find plants that have colorful blossoms or colorful leaves, like a polka dot begonia, or a nerve plant. Large potted plants that sit on the floor can frame your windows and bring the outdoors indoors.

If a hanging plant indoors isn’t right for your space, you can also put plants just outside the window in a planter box. Install the planter box with help from a handyman or contractor to ensure that the work is done correctly without doing damage to your home’s siding or windows.

#4. Talk to Your Neighbors

Is the neighboring property the problem? Maybe your neighbors have placed their trash bins very close to your window, for example. If this is the case, you may be able to talk to your neighbors, explain the problem and offer to help with the solution. Use your best judgement when doing something like this, as this could potentially create trouble with your neighbor if it’s not handled well.

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