4 Tips That Will Help Your Give Your Neo-Colonial Home a More Authentic Style

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Neo-Colonial homes, often just called “Colonials”, are among most popular architectural styles seen in New Jersey and metropolitan New York neighborhoods. These are typically modern, recently-built homes with traditional colonial design elements. Neo-colonials offer the best of modern design along with the cozy, welcoming aspect of traditional colonial homes—and they fit well into areas with both historic homes and newer ones. Adding authenticity to their look means incorporating landscaping and other exterior features (like Renewal by Andersen replacement windows!) to give your Neo-Colonial a style upgrade so it stands out from the crowd.

Thinking about updating your Neo-Colonial home to enhance energy-efficiency or create a more inviting curb appeal this fall? These tips will help you get started!

#1 Choose Replacement Window Styles Wisely

The right replacement windows add coziness and an aesthetic element that couples well with your home’s traditional styling while also offering an efficient, weatherproof seal against the elements. The most popular traditional window styles are double-hung windows with a Colonial grille pattern. This gives the effect of traditional multi-paned windows.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro offers full divided-light grilles that mimic the look of multiple panes set into a carefully-crafted wooden frame. In divided-light frames, aluminum spacers between the double glass panes and exterior grilles cause light to refract just as it would off of individual glass panes, so even the smallest details appear historically accurate. Those details can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your home.

#2 Install Authentic-Looking Shutters

Though shutters can completely transform the look of a home, they’re often misused and improperly installed, which does more harm for a house’s style than good, especially when you’ve already gone to the trouble of choosing authentic replacement windows.

Once a critical design element, today shutters are usually non-functional—and, according to some old house experts, thoroughly unattractive. Shutters that are attached directly to the siding and look like they couldn’t cover the entire window, even if they were closed, can quickly give an otherwise beautiful home a sad, tacky finish to those “in the know”.

Investing in historically accurate shutters with real hinges (even if decorative) and realistic sizing can upgrade your home from just another Neo-Colonial in the crowd to something truly special.

#3 Update Landscaping and Entry Style

Colonial homes typically embrace symmetry, geometry, and balance in their simple, straightforward exterior design elements. Rather than a profusion of landscaping, simple, symmetrical shapes take over. A no-frills entryway is easier to maintain and more in line with colonial style than one with lots of decorative touches, so keep it simple: a seasonal wreath and potentially a couple of tall potted plants on each side of the door, or something similarly straightforward. Think – no fuss, low maintenance.

#4 Use Lighting to Showcase Your Walkways and Entry

A post light in the style of a traditional gas or oil light makes any home’s walkway or front yard look cozier and invites guests in with a flourish. Balanced Colonial-style sconces on either side of your front door can also make a big difference. Choose dark, oil-rubbed finishes for a warm, old-world finish.

Boost Efficiency & Maintain Architectural Integrity

Remember that maintaining architectural style is important. But, you don’t have to sacrifice energy-efficiency to create a beautiful, inviting appearance. Our full portfolio of glass options includes only Energy Star certified low-e glass, which means you may be able to reduce your heating and air conditioning bills. As part of the home consultation, a replacement window specialist will help you consider glazing options for every room in your home based on the lot orientation, how you use the space and whether it is more important to control light transmission or take advantage of heat gain during the cold weather months. By choosing the right glass for every window, you can address individual challenges that could be costing you more now on your utility bills than you should be paying.

Give Your Neo-Classical Home a Make Over with Replacement Windows

As you can see, upgrading your neo-classical colonial-style home means focusing on simplicity. Updating your home shouldn’t be complicated. With decades of experience helping homeowners replace and upgrade their windows, we have perfected the process to make it easy for you to compare replacement window styles, select colors and accessories and order your new home windows without stress or hassles.

Contact Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York for a Free Replacement Window Consultation

We’d love to talk to you about ways we can help make sure your windows reflect your home’s personality and possibly even lower your heating and air conditioning bill at the same time. Get started with your home’s exterior upgrades by giving Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro a call today! The call is free, just dial 1-888-826-2451. No time to call right now? No problem, fill in the short form on this page and we’ll call you back at your convenience.

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