Updating the patio door to your existing back yard or side yard can dramatically transform your entrance from purely functional to fabulous! Designing replacement patio doors is very similar to customizing a traditional front door. For one thing, most people choose a front door that offers excellent insulating qualities, along with decorative features that complement the architectural style of their home. Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro patio doors have functional elements — those that make doors easier to use or enhance their performance — and components that are purely aesthetic — such as grilles and special hardware finishes.

Most people have never designed their own replacement patio doors, so here are a few tips for customizing your entry doors to help you get started.

Tip #1: Understand How Door Glass Impacts Energy Efficiency

Larger glass surface areas require a stronger emphasis on insulating properties. You need to consider double-pane glass and superior weather stripping on the door to boost its insulating value. Ask your patio door dealer to explain the Energy Star label values of any door you’re looking at to learn more about comparing glass types before you choose the right one for your patio door.

Tip #2: Consider Patio Door Configuration Options

Whether you prefer a sliding replacement patio door or a swing-in, swing-out design, you have several configuration options. Sliders, for example, may have one movable panel or two or more. You can design a hinged, French style patio door that only has one operable door, and even get a slider that looks like a French style door, but works better in tight spaces with limited room for the door to swing in or out. Carefully consider both inside and outside architectural features that can influence your final decision.

Tip #3: Choose Your Door Frame Material for Better Heat Control

While the more glass you have, the more important it’s energy efficiency performance, the best frame material you can get is essential for controlling heat transfer. We recommend Fibrex frames, which are lightweight like vinyl, but super strong and durable like wood. This means they are structurally sound and offer excellent insulation. Plus, Fibrex never flakes, rots or peels like paint so you won’t have to invest tons of time keeping your home beautiful.

Tip #4: Accessories & Custom Features Add Functionality, Privacy & Beauty to Your Patio Doors

The decision to add removable interior grilles to make cleaning easier, or opt out of grille patterns completely depends upon your aesthetic and usability preferences. Because replacement patio doors are custom-built to your exact specifications, you can choose patterned glass to obscure the view, or to add an artistic touch to certain rooms. Other glass choices allow you to block the amount of light that flows through the glass, which means you can control glare on computers and TV screens.

As you consider locks, levers, handles and insect screens, remember that you can design patio doors to look great and perform great, but you do not have to choose one over the other. Talk to your replacement patio door specialists about your goals, and why you decided to replace your existing home’s patio doors.

Ask a Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Patio Door Specialist for Help Designing Your Perfect Replacement Door

Designing replacement patio doors like a professional starts with choosing a brand that offers best-in-class components. You need frames that offer superior insulation and durability. You need glass solutions created for our climate and for the area surrounding your home. And, you need a wide array of colors, finishes and accessories to help you tie functionality and decorating schemes together.

We can help with all that and more. To get started, simply fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a private design session.


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