Is the window over your kitchen easy to open or doesn’t open at all? If not, you could be creating problems for your home and your family. Kitchens are one of the biggest creators of moisture and smells in the home. Unvented humidity in your home can lead to health issues like mold. And we all know how cooking smells can linger if you can’t open a window to let them out and fresh air in.

Vented windows have many advantages in the kitchen, especially in the area just over the sink. Listed below are some of the reasons why windows that open are so useful in this part of the house, and which window styles are best to provide ventilation in the heart of the home.

#1. Operable Windows Help Get Rid of Food Smells

Most of the time, your kitchen is filled with the smell of delicious cooking, but even the best home cooks make mistakes. The next time your kitchen fills with the smell of too much garlic, or the scent of a fish recipe gone wrong, you can lay the pot in the bottom of your sink and open the vented window to let the odor out. It’s even better if you can open another window in the home to create cross ventilation, bringing in fresh air and letting out the offending smells.

#2. Operable Windows Vent Excess Moisture in the Kitchen

All types of cooking, and especially boiling create steam that puts moisture into the air. An excessive amount of moisture will condense on your windows and walls, like a cold glass on a warm day. If left untreated, this moisture can turn into mold and mildew, creating a health hazard for you and your family. If it gets really bad and gets into the walls, it can create a breeding ground for insects that can damage the structure of your home. Having an operable window in your kitchen can help you vent that moist air out and let fresh air in to keep your home healthy and safe for you and your family.

#3. Operable Windows Vent Smoking Pots

Smoking or steaming pots can make all sorts of trouble. Not only do they fill the kitchen up with smelly vapor that can be hard to get rid of, but they can also activate your smoke detector. Vent pots by laying them in the sink and opening your window, provided that it’s not a picture window.

#4. Operable Windows Provide Fresh Air When Doing Dishes

It feels good to breathe fresh air when you’re doing dishes. With a picture or other non-operable window over your kitchen sink, that’s not possible. Solve that problem by replacing your window with a window that opens easily when reaching across the sink or counter. Opening the window makes the tedious job of cleaning your dishes just a little more enjoyable!

Casements Windows Are Best Over the Kitchen Sink

The type of window you have over your kitchen sink can make a big difference in how easily, and often, you will open it. Even the best double hung windows can be difficult to open when you have reach across the sink or counter to get the leverage to slide the window up. Smooth gliding windows cab be better but still sometimes require significant leverage to open.

Casement windows are often the best type of window over a kitchen sink. Casements are easier to open than many other types of windows because they open with a simple crank located near the bottom of the frame. With a casement window in place, you don’t need the leverage and strength that you do with other window types.

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