3 Ways Replacement Windows Can Keep New Jersey Homeowners Power Bills from Rising with Summer Temperatures

New Jersey Replacement Window Summer Heat GainThe temperatures are soaring and the humidity level is oppressive in many parts of New Jersey, even though summer is just getting started. New Jersey residents are used to extreme spikes in temperature and the scorching summer sun; waiting for the next shower to cool things off. Even when summer cold fronts bring some relief, the humidity stays high enough to force many people to jump at the chance to stay indoors.

Fortunately, there is something that homeowners can do to stay cool and comfortable this summer without resorting to standing in front of the refrigerator with the freezer door open. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows help you take control of your indoor environment without tossing your budget out the window.

Capture a New Outlook on Life

This is a great time to take a look at the advantages of installing replacement windows and doors in your New Jersey home.

UVWith three glass options, Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey windows allow you to choose how much light comes into your home, lower your utility bills and protect your furniture and drapes with technology that blocks up to 95% of incoming ultraviolet rays.

High-performance glass options save money with window panes that are 70% more energy-efficient during our sweltering summers than “standard” double pane glass options on the market. It’s a double play for homeowners – spend less on monthly electric bills and get a more comfortable living space.

And, while glass options are definitely important during the window selection journey, frame choices and installation processes also matter. Our patented Fibrex frames have superior insulating qualities that keep cool air indoors and reduce heat gain from the brilliant New Jersey sunshine. Another benefit of choosing Fibrex frames is that your windows expand and contract at the same rate as your home’s architectural structure, eliminating gaps and spaces that allow outside air to flow freely inside while allowing cooler air to escape.

Capitalize on Your Home’s Natural Ventilation Patterns

Our New Jersey climate means hot, hot, hot days, followed by cooler nighttime temperatures. You can take advantage of the cooler nights by capitalizing on your home’s natural airflow patterns. When the humidity drops and temperatures fall below 70 degrees, opening your windows provides a refreshing night’s sleep – and lowers your energy bills since you use the air conditioner less.

Many older homes were designed to encourage natural ventilation. By opening a window on the lowest level, whether that is an awning window in the basement or a first floor window in a multistory home, and others on the top floor, you encourage warm air to travel up and out of the home, making room for cooler air to enter.

You might have to experiment with upper and lower windows to find the natural path. A good starting point is to choose directional opposites. For example, if you open a south-facing window on the lowest floor, open a north-facing window upstairs. Or use an east-west combination.

Extra Saving Tips

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey replacement windows may help you cut your monthly utility bills significantly. If you spend a few hours doing some detective work around your home, you can save even more.

If your windows are sagging and leaking air, chances are there are a few other appliances in your home draining the wallet, too. Aging water heaters consume energy non-stop, continually reheating water so it is ready when you need it. When you consider that “regular’ water heaters – those with a reserve tank – typically have a short life span of about 10 years, replacement costs also play into the budget.

Homeowners who opt to install tankless water heaters save two ways, you’ll reap savings on your monthly bills and reduce replacement costs down the road. Tankless water heaters cost more than regular tank-style appliances, but the savings over the life of your energy-efficient appliance add up over time, making it a better deal for many homeowners. Certified Energy Star tankless appliances save the typical family $1,700 over the life of the appliance. Plus, you have fewer worries about leaks that can lead to expensive repairs.

Saving Money With Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Replacement Windows

Temperatures are soaring, but your utility bills don’t have to. Why wait to order your new replacement windows? The longer you wait, the more money your aging, poor quality windows will cost you. To schedule a complimentary, no-fee consultation today, just fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451. Our window specialist can take a tour of your home and help you discover the natural airflow pattern in your home and show you which window options will bring the highest savings for your investment.

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