If you’re considering selling your New Jersey home, you may be wondering what you can do to attract more buyers and increase your home’s value. Before committing to a remodel project, it’s important to understand that it’s rare for any home improvement to provide 100 percent return on investment. However, replacing old windows and patio doors rank higher on the list than several other types of home upgrades. This is according to a 2020 report from Remodeling.com that covers the Middle Atlantic region of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Homeowners in this region recoup an average of 72 percent of the cost when installing vinyl replacement windows and 69 percent of the cost when installing wood replacement windows. Additionally, Supermoney.com reports that adding or upgrading a patio, including the sliding glass door, can provide a return on investment of up to 80 percent. They don’t include numbers for composite windows, like Renewal by Andersen’s exclusive Fibrex, but consider that this product combines the best of both wood and vinyl. While recouping some of your investment is important, it’s not the only reason to consider replacement windows and patio doors before putting your house on the market. Below we outline three other factors to consider.

New Windows & Doors Make a Better First Impression

Prospective buyers form an impression of your home long before they set foot in the door. It may already be too late by then if they don’t like what they see from the outside. If they see old, cracked windows or an outdated patio door, they may just keep driving. Never underestimate the value of curb appeal.

On the other hand, attractive windows and patio doors with a modern style will stand out and encourage buyers to come inside to look at the rest of the house. Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro offers numerous style choices including bay and bow windows, double-hung replacement windows, and casement windows, among others. For your patio, you can choose a French, traditionally hinged, or a gliding style for the door. Our design team will work with you closely to select the perfect style and design to complement your home.

New Windows & Doors Improve Security

The tension currently taking place across the country has many people thinking about their own security more than ever. Windows with thin plate glass or a sliding patio door that offers little protection from intruders could scare off potential buyers. They are sure to appreciate the effort you made to update your windows and patio door to include stronger glass and frames, double panes, reinforced locks, and other security measures.

New Windows Are Highly Energy Efficient

Homeowners want to pay as little as possible for their heating and cooling costs, including prospective buyers of your home. Air leaks that allow cool air to escape in the summer and warm air to escape in the winter are especially common. Energy.gov states that inefficient windows are responsible for up to 30 percent of the typical homeowner’s energy use. You can save significant money while living in the home yourself and have a competitive advantage over other home sellers by upgrading to more energy efficient windows. The same is true of patio doors.

Learn More About How Replacement Windows and Patio Doors Can Improve Your Home’s Value

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