Replacement windows can lower your energy bills, improve your home’s value and enhance your quality of life at home. To ensure that you get the most for your money, it’s important to do your homework before making a decision on your replacement window purchase. It also helps to establish a window maintenance and care routine and to dress your windows up with the right window treatments. If you’re replacing your windows sometime in the coming year, these tips can help maximize the value of your replacement windows.

#1. Read the Replacement Window Warranty

Your window warranty protects your investment and helps ensure that if something goes wrong with your windows, you won’t be on the hook for making the repairs. Read the warranty before signing the contract for replacement windows.

The best warranties will last for decades, will cover installation as well as manufacturing defects, and are transferable. These three things are important. You only want to purchase windows for your home once. A warranty that doesn’t cover you for many years suggests the windows may not last that long. A warranty that only covers with window product, and not the installation can leave you uncovered in the event you have an issue with your windows. The manufacturer could blame the installation and the installer could blame the manufacturer, leaving you without a warranty. A Transferable Warranty provides value if you decide to sell your home while the windows are still under warranty. This adds extra value for the buyer and can provide you with a higher resale value for your home. For an example of an outstanding replacement window warranty, read Renewal by Andersen’s warranty.

#2. Set Up a Window Cleaning Schedule

Once the windows are in place, set up a cleaning schedule so they’ll continue to look their best as the years go on. This simple step protects your window investment and helps ensure your windows will perform their best for many years. Look for windows that can be cleaned inside and out from the comfort and convenience of inside your home. If you’ve installed Renewal by Andersen’s double-hung windows, window cleaning is easy and can be done entirely from the inside. This is a bonus if you live in a home with multiple floors and like to do all your own window cleaning. For best results, clean your windows at least twice per year.

#3. Choose the Right Window Treatments

The right window treatments are like the frame on a painting that highlights your windows. The right window treatments can make your windows more attractive and functional at the same time. In rooms like the living room, sheers can provide privacy while also allowing in sunlight, to make your home inviting and cheerful. In rooms like the bedroom, room-darkening curtains help you create a more relaxing place to sleep at night. See our recent article on window treatments to learn more.

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