As a leader in the replacement window industry for more than a quarter century, Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro takes great pride in offering an incredible warranty package for our customers. Our partners in the Renewal by Andersen factory build each replacement window and patio door to beautifully perform for as long as you live in your home so we can offer one of the best warranties in the business.

While our warranty is the gold standard for the industry, you should know there are a few things the 20/2/10 warranty will not cover. Here are three things your policy will not cover, and why they are excluded.

Exclusion #1: Damage caused by harsh abrasives & chemicals

High-performance replacement windows are designed and built for durability and ease of use. Factory applied technology boosts energy efficiency and can eliminate up to 99 percent of all water spots, making your new windows super easy to keep clean and crystal clear. Using harsh chemicals and sharp tools can pit, scratch and discolor some elements of the window. Homeowners have access to written window cleaning instructions and window maintenance videos that describe simple cleaning techniques that protect your new windows and doors, so damage from improper cleaning is considered abuse or improper use, and therefore not covered under the warranty.

Exclusion #2: Improper modifications to replacement window frame or glass

Like harsh chemicals, adhesives can cause permanent damage to replacement window glass and the Fibrex window frame material. Drilling or nailing into the frame can weaken its structural integrity, and potentially allow the between the glass energy-efficient gas buffer to escape. With the holidays fast approaching, we thought this was a good time to remind our friends and neighbors that gluing holiday decorations to a bay or bow window could void all or part of your warranty because you might be tempted to remove some adhesives with sharp scraping tools. We wrote about some quick fall decorating tips for bows and bays earlier that might inspire you to go beyond simply gluing fancy snowflakes to the window glass.

Exclusion #3: Resurfacing factory finished window components

Our patented Fibrex composite window frame material is manufactured to resist mold, mildew, flaking, pitting, corrosion and fading, without annual repainting or maintenance, other than an occasional wipe down to remove dirt and debris. When you paint or stain over the composite you create a surface that demands ongoing maintenance and care to look and perform beautifully. Because resurfacing Fibrex frames changes many aspects of a window’s performance, it may void parts of the warranty guarantee associated with performance, longevity and appearance based on the original design.

The Warranty Protects Against Defect, Not Destruction

As you can see by the three examples above, damage caused by misuse or modification is not covered by a replacement window warranty. The original warranty is intended to protect buyers against factory defects that cause premature failure when replacement windows and patio doors are used as intended. Insurance policies protect against damage and warranties protect against performance failures due to manufacturers’ negligence.

You can avoid potential issues with warranty claims if you read through the warranty from start to finish. And, consult with your replacement window representative if you have any questions about what is and is not covered under the plan.

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