Savvy replacement window and patio door shoppers have done their research even before they stop by our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro showroom or invite one of our window and patio door specialists into their home for a consultation.

To help our friends and neighbors make better replacement window buying decisions we are going to share three things savvy shoppers know that first-time buyers may not.

#1. You Don’t Have to Keep the Same Style Windows

Updating the windows in your home doesn’t have to be simply sticking a new version of your existing window in the hole left when we remove the old one. Sure you can go back with the same style, and there are some advantages to doing that, but there is no rule that you must replace every double-hung window with a double-hung window, or keep that picture window in the front room when you would really like to add a beautiful new bay window or bow window.

So go ahead, think outside the box, and if you aren’t in love with the window styles you have not, try something new! Just tell us what you expect your windows to do, and we will help you turn your goals into realities.

# 2: Consider Your Window Warranty

Let’s face it, sometimes things go crazy wrong. For example, although it is really, really rare, once in a while a replacement window arrives for installation with a factory defect or damage during shipping. Or, a technician slips and falls during the installation process, damaging a window frame or glass panel.

When these things happen, your replacement window warranty pays to replace the necessary parts. An exceptional warranty goes even further. Let’s say 18 months after the installation, you come home, pull back the drapes and notice that there are water droplets on the surfaces between the glass panes. Whether your condensation problem originates from a factory defect or errors during the installation process and are just now showing up, you should expect your window manufacturer and installer to cover parts and labor to return the window unit to perfect performance — no charge to you unless you have abused your windows or modified them in some way that caused the moisture problem.

An important point here is determining where the problem originated. Was it manufacturing or installation? In most cases, these are two different warranties and determining who is responsible can become a game of “It’s not my fault”. Not with Renewal by Andersen. Because we use our own factory-trained installers, one warranty covers both the product AND the installation. You never have to worry about determining fault. We’ll take care of making it right.

#3: Overall Window Performance Depends on Many Factors

While it is important to compare energy-efficiency ratings and reviews from third party agencies, many factors affect true replacement window performance.

Even high-quality replacement windows cannot completely overcome structural issues with your home that allow air and moisture to flow through the floor, ceiling, or wall unchecked.

Poor insulation in the walls and attic can negatively impact energy-efficiency. And, surrounding buildings and trees that shade your window, preventing direct sunlight from hitting the glass could reduce heat gain during the winter, even when you choose glass options designed to boost heat transfer.

Talk to your replacement window representative about these and other factors that may influence how well certain the window styles, glass solutions and accessories will perform in your unique home environment.

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We hope this post gives you some important information you need to make a well-informed window buying decision. But, if you have more questions for our replacement window professionals, let’s talk. Start the conversation by filling in the short form on this page or calling 1-888-826-2451 and ask to speak to a representative in your neighborhood.

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