Windows are a positive feature in your home because they add visual interest to any room, allow natural light and fresh air into the house and make it appear more cheerful and inviting. By providing a view, windows are also a way to connect the inside world with the outside world. For these reasons and more, windows are an important part of any house.

Despite all their benefits, some windows can do damage to your house if they’re in poor condition or not properly maintained. It’s important to recognize the signs that your windows are causing problems – problems that could be expensive to repair or damaging to your health and safety.

#1. Window Glass Reaches Temperature Extremes

Does the glass on the inside of your windows get very hot in summer or cold in winter? Is the glass hot enough that it’s uncomfortable to touch, or cold enough that frost or even ice forms on the inside of your windows?

These temperature extremes are an indication that your windows are not energy efficient. Having hot and cold surfaces in your home could be putting a burden on your home’s HVAC system, which, in addition to high energy bills, could lead to the premature aging of heating and cooling system and the eventual need for replacement.

One of the ways that you can make your windows a little more energy efficient is by weatherproofing, but if your windows are single pane, there’s little you can do about this problem unless you’re willing to replace your windows altogether.

#2. Upholstery and Flooring is Fading

Do you notice your upholstery and flooring are fading in parts of your house where the sun shines regularly? This is a sign that your windows are allowing too much of the damaging UV rays into your home, which can cause your upholstery to deteriorate quickly and can cause lasting damage to your flooring as well.

#3. Window Sill and Frames Water Stained

Water stains on and around your window sills can mean lots of things. Some water stains can happen if your windows are gathering condensation when the conditions are right (like high indoor humidity and cool glass surfaces), while other stains happen because your windows need to be re-caulked, repaired, sealed, or in some way or another sealed to the window frame and the structure and siding of your house. If you see water or water stains around your windows, it could be a major sign of water ingress into your house framing, which could undermine the structural integrity of your home.

Water getting inside the walls of your house is a natural source of mold, mildew and attractive to insects and other pests. Mold inside your walls and inside your house is a definite health and safety issue for you and your family.  

If your window sills or frames around your window have water stains, mold, mildew or rotten places, this could be a sign that your windows are damaging your home. You can either fix this by having your windows prepared by a qualified professional, or by getting your windows replaced with quality window products that are designed to last.

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