If you’re deliberating about how to bring in more natural light to your bathrooms and bedrooms while obscuring the view to maintain your privacy, the following Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro tips might help.

For those who prefer something a little more interesting and permanent for your home, rather than simple blinds or curtains (which can be a haven for mold and mildew in bathrooms and other damp areas) replacement windows with patterned glass may be the perfect solution. You can contact a Renewal by Andersen window specialist and ask to see patterned glass samples right in the comfort of your own home. This can give you a better idea of just how much natural light the glass permits as well as which pattern looks best to you.

3 Hacks to Enhance Privacy and Natural Light Flow

These three tips should get your creative juices flowing. Reach out if you need more help.

Tip #1: Build an Indoor or Outdoor Privacy Screen

A quick indoor fix is as simple as connecting three panel frames filled with fabric, custom-metal work or heavy-duty wall paper. Standing this fold-up screen in front of your windows will allow light to come through around, above and below your window without allowing people outside to see what is happening in your home.

Use a similar strategy outdoors but consider weather-proof solutions such as metal work, sealed wood panels or a trellis supporting tall flowering plants to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to shield you from passersby. Add a couple of bird feeders and you have a beautiful naturescape for your enjoyment.

Tip #2: Dress Your Windows from the Outside

If vining plants on a trestle aren’t to your liking, try a pergola, half-shutters or other structures that prevent a clear view of the inside, but are far enough away from the home to allow ample sunshine to flow into your bathroom or changing areas and air to flow between the structure and your home to prevent mold from accumulating.

Tip for people who already have installed high-performance replacement windows: Remember attaching anything with nails or screws directly onto the Fibrex frames or glass of your replacement windows could cause permanent damage, and may lead to moisture and air leaks. Hang your new features from the roof or eaves. Alternatively use braces to anchor it in an upright position a few feet from your home’s exterior wall.

Tip #3: Choose Patterned Glass Designed to Obscure the View

patterned glass windowsWhether you have a large double-hung window, a small hopper or awning window or even a combination of operable and fixed windows in your bath, you can create a stunning indoor feature with patterned glass.

This glazing solution allows natural light to flow through the window and eliminates the need for any additional window treatments. Enhanced privacy. Enhanced natural light. Enhance safety and peace of mind.

We offer four distinctive patterns for your consideration:

  • Fern
  • Reed
  • Cascade
  • Obscure

Choose Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro to Enhance Privacy and Comfort in Your Home

You don’t have to live with bulky window treatments or custom-made black-out shades to feel safe in your home. There are literally dozens of off-the-shelf window treatments to enhance privacy, without blocking all natural light, including mid-weight curtains, Roman shades and honey-comb roll-ups. And, if you have never considered replacement windows with patterned glass, give us a call to schedule a private in-home consultation to learn more about our Energy Star replacement windows and patio doors that obscure the view and allow natural light to come shining in through the window panes. You’ll be glad you did!

Contact Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro today. Fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-888-826-2451.


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