There are 2 Sides to Your New Jersey & New York Windows

Replacement Windows New York New Jersey Both Sides

When it comes to choosing replacement windows for the house, homeowners in the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area want it all. Crystal clear glass, the ability to control indoor light levels, and increased energy-efficiency so they can manage their heating and air conditioning bills. Another item that falls somewhere near the top of the “must-have” list is no-maintenance beauty.

Windows with ideal curb appeal don’t only look well cared for and welcoming, they add to the overall value of your property. Think of your view looking toward the house from the street as an aesthetic bonus that comes with upgrading your home to boost energy conservation efforts. Getting the most enjoyment from your home’s new windows, and protecting your financial investment, means you have to consider the views from both sides of your window panes.

Consider the View from Both Sides of Your Windows

Entryway windows surrounding or flanking doors play a prominent role in defining your indoor spaces. The shapes, sizes, styles and glazing options you choose provide opportunities to clearly set the foundation for your decorating scheme while creating a positive first impression for your guests. Sidelights bring in natural light, complement the architectural character of your home and frame your entrance doors with a pleasing view of the outside world. Paintable interiors allow you to customize colors or stain to match existing trim and wood floor finishes.

From the outside, the shape and style of transom or side lites you select should integrate smoothly with landscaping textures and exterior siding or brickwork. Imagine how operable windows will impact the overall appearance when they are both opened and closed. If your front door opens into a living area, you may want to minimize the number of windows surrounding the entrance and focus on other windows in the room. For example, side-by-side casement windows make a striking impression when opened to capture a cool breeze. If you have low shrubs or flowering plants close to front-facing windows, low-profile double-hungs or sliders provide an opportunity to bring in some fresh air without interfering with landscaping design.

Use Replacement Window Styles to Your Advantage

Clerestory windows, like replacement transoms, are installed high on the wall where you want to take advantage of daylight to illuminate your home. You’ll typically find clerestory windows, which don’t open, positioned below one roof and above another. Since they are high on the wall, this window type allows sunshine to flood into your rooms, without compromising privacy or interfering with furniture placement and storage options. You’ll get a striking addition that defines the roof line from the outside while enhancing interior ambiance and decorating style. Your view from the inside is normally limited to trees, birds in flight, and natural and man-made structures that are taller than your home, or at least the ground floor. If you want to add more ventilation, choose an operable style such as a slider that won’t detract from the exterior appearance.

Remember you never have to replace a window with the same style. Since custom-built replacement windows are designed to precisely fit the open left when existing windows are removed, the shape, not the style is a determining factor. Even shape can be modified in many situations, so you can opt to replace that small square window under the eaves with a full-circle window if you want to create an interesting focal point.

When Your View is Less Than Pleasing

When the view from inside your home is less than appealing, you can opt to block the view without keeping the drapes pulled all day. Patterned glass allows you to bring some natural light into your home, present a pleasing view from the curb and totally block the view of the unkempt lot next door, the alley and other unsightly problems in the neighborhood, or just add privacy in a ground-floor bathroom or bedroom.

Frame a Grand View with Replacement Windows

Often, you aren’t trying to block the view from your window, you want to showcase a stunning vista or create a crystal clear vantage of your garden. A wall of glass creates an opportunity to leverage the natural landscaping as a complementary feature to your indoor living spaces. Narrow trim and simple grille patterns provide opportunities to create dramatic views for visitors and your family. Unless you’re using grilles to add balance and symmetry to your exterior appearance, you may want to skip the mullions all together.

Create Your Own Story with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows

Whether you want to showcase a stellar view, or you want to create eye-popping views from the curb, your home windows can help you achieve your goals. If you’re wondering how replacement windows and patio doors can help you create your vision, we invite you to fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule an in-home consultation today.


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