15 Cleaning Tips for Your New Jersey or New York Home

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Getting Ready for the BIG Reveal: Spring Cleaning After Your Replacement Window Installation 

Now that your new Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro replacement windows are installed, you may be ready to get the rest of your house spruced up for spring. Homeowners who have invested in tilt-to-clean double-hung replacement windows and lift out sliders know that they won’t have to spend as much time keeping their windows clean and clear as they did with old-fashioned windows. If you’re planning a gathering to show off your new fixtures, but aren’t looking forward to a day of top to bottom cleaning chores, we put together a list of cleaning tips and tricks to get you ready and keep your home fresh and clean all year.

Tip #1 In the kitchen, start and end with the stove. First remove knobs and drip pans and put them to soak in warm, sudsy water while you work your way clockwise around the kitchen. When you get back to the stove, wipe down the surface. Wash, rinse and dry the knobs and pans and return to the stove.

Tip #2 Did you know that buffing stainless sinks with a few drops of mineral oil prevents mold and mildew growth? It also reduces water build-up so your sinks look cleaner longer and are easier to keep sparkling, and spot free.

Tip #3 Keeping the dishwasher clean is so much easier than monthly scrubbing and sanitizing. To remove food debris and stains just wipe down the gaskets and walls with a sponge coated with a few sprinkles of baking soda once a week. Add a quarter cup of bleach to the wash cycle every other week, or as often as you want, to kill bacteria and sanitize the machine and your dishes at the same time.

Tip #4 Eliminate hours spent cleaning spills in your oven by using a nonstick oven liner. When it becomes soiled, just toss the liner in the dishwasher and wipe down the oven floor.

Tip #5 Keep your kitchen smelling citrusy fresh. Cut a lemon in quarters and drop down the garbage disposal with 2 tablespoons salt and a handful of ice cubes. Run a full minute.

Tip #6 Save time by doing the dishes as you cook – sauces and oily residue won’t have time to stick to your pans, which makes clean up easier.

Tip #7 Make sponges last longer by disinfecting them in hot soapy water every night. To kill bacteria rinse and squeeze out excess water; then microwaving on high for one minute.

Tip #8 Use RainX Original Glass Treatment on your glass shower doors to prevent water spots. Treatments last about six months. For an organic solution, rub down your shower doors with lemon oil every other week and watch the water bead up and roll off. You can use this on old windows, too, but once you replace your windows with those from Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro, you won’t have to try this trick to keep your fixtures water-spot free. New factory applied technology works any time direct sunlight touches your windows – minimizing those bothersome water spots our parents and grandparents had to rub off to keep the view crystal clear.

Tip #9 Looking for a non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner? Tang Drink Mix is an excellent scrubber. Simply drop a teaspoon or two in the bowl. Let it soak a few minutes and then use your regular scrub brush to rub down the sides. Then swish and flush. For those of you that are wondering, it’s the citric acid that does the trick.

Tip #10 Mom’s with young toddlers often have trouble finding time to clean the bathroom with the little ones underfoot. While the little ones are in the tub you have time to wipe down the mirror, tub walls and toilet bowl and toss any clutter you see.

Tip #11 Always clean from top to bottom. This means you only have to clean the floor once as any dust or debris that falls from ceiling fans or counters ends up on the floor. Choose a fine bristled broom for indoor spaces to gather dust and small particles. And, always sweep from the outside walls to the center of the room.

Tip #12 Speaking of brooms, they should be stored with the bristle end up to help them last longer.

Tip #13 Declutter your clothes closets. Leave about 14 inches in the center of your closet for clothes you wear most often. Get rid of anything in your closet or drawers you haven’t worn in a full year. And promise yourself you will put away your laundry immediately after washing, drying and folding.

Tip #14 To keep your bedroom organized, limit essentials near your bed. At most you should have a clock, a lamp and a box of Kleenex on your nightstand. Make room for reading material, lotion or nighttime medication and a bottle of water in a small basket near the bed.

Tip #15 If you devote 10 to 15 minutes to chores each day, you will discover how much you can get done in a small amount of time. Set a timer before bed and tackle those small things you never seem to find time to do. Clean the mirrors, sort or fold laundry, dust your picture frames or refresh the foyer.

The Big Reveal: Showing Off Your Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

We hope you enjoy living with your beautiful new windows and patio doors. And, we hope these tips will help you save time and money keeping your home welcoming for your family and guests. If you haven’t updated with modern Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro replacement windows yet, we invite you to learn more about our popular replacement windows and our full line of exclusive hardware finishes and ENERGY STAR certified glass options. Just fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 for more information.

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