10 Tips to Increase Home Window Security in New Jersey & New York

Window Security New Jersey New York

Roughly one-third of all home invasions in New Jersey and New York involve access through an unlocked window or door, according to FBI crime stats. If you want to improve home security, it makes sense to take a closer look at your windows to make sure they are working to your advantage against would-be criminals looking to victimize your family.

Because we all want to feel safe in our New Jersey & New York Metropolitan homes, we put together the following 10 tips that focus on ways windows can help you improve home security.

Home Window Security Tips from the Experts

1: It might sound obvious, but make sure to lock your windows when they are not open for ventilation. Thieves are looking for a quick, silent way to get in and out without being seen or heard. Sash locks, flip locks and key locks are available for retrofit on most older windows. Modern replacement windows come with features such as recessed locks and multi-point locking mechanisms that make it harder for criminals to gain quick entry.

2: Enjoy a breeze without inviting unwanted visitors inside. Usually opening a window four to six inches is enough to encourage a nice breeze. Make sure the window isn’t open wide enough for someone to reach the lock. Install child guards that limit how wide the sash will open.

3: Check your landscaping. Some people wrongly assume second and third story windows don’t pose much risk for home invasion. However, criminals can gain access by climbing on tree limbs that are close to upper level windows. Contact a landscaping professional to remove limbs that might provide access and to relocate landscaping features that may act as temporary ladders to upper floors. Remove or relocate shrubs that might provide a hiding place beneath or in front of the ground floor, street-facing windows.

4: Window screens aren’t security devices. Window screens with pin and frame mount design and those with inside locks can serve as a minor deterrent because it can sometimes take a burglar valuable time to remove them. For enhanced security, consider metal grates, bars or security screens which are constructed with steel fabric to resist knives and other sharp objects. The down side to security bars is that they diminish your view and can from your home’s attractiveness. Be sure that any security device that prevents egress can be removed quickly in case of emergency.

5: Make sure your home security system monitors windows and doors. Cameras positioned to capture activity around the openings and motion or glass-break sensors are two options. Keep in mind, any time screws or nails are set in the window frame or glass it creates potential for weaknesses that may lead to air or moisture leaks. You don’t want to compromise window unit integrity for security.

6: Replace broken panes. Damaged home windows send a message to thieves looking for an easy target. Broken window panes, sagging frames and other outward signs that home windows are neglected may indicate the residents aren’t keeping a watchful eye on their property.

7: Remember to inspect garage and basement windows. You can place metal or wooden rods in sliding door tracks to prevent panels from opening or install frame pins that prevent vertical-sliding windows from moving.

8: Hang curtains that block outsiders from checking out what is inside the building. Some people install security film on window panels which distorts the view. When valuables aren’t visible from outside your home, attempting a break-in may be less appealing.

9: Talk to your insurance agent about a policy review. Many insurance companies provide home security reviews at no costs since these agencies prefer homeowners take measures to protect their assets. Some even offer premium discounts when you update your security system.

10: Upgrade your home windows from basement to attic. When you’ve completed a thorough inspection of your home, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of shape your home windows are in. If you found problems like broken panes, sagging frames and locks and latches that no longer work, it might be time to discuss updating your existing windows.

Custom built replacement windows and patio doors have modern security features built in at the factory like recessed locks and multi-point latching systems. Different styles also offer opportunities to enhance home security. For example, double-hung windows open either by dropping down the upper sash or raising the lower sash and all styles accommodate window guards that allow you to capture a breeze without opening your windows fully.

Call Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro to Schedule a Security Consultation

At Renewal by Andersen we don’t offer security systems advice, but, our high-quality replacement windows and patio doors are built to give you peace of mind when it comes to enhancing home security. We offer a full line of window styles, built-in and accessory locking devices, and even four glass options that obscure the view so would-be thieves cannot see inside. Need more information? Just fill in the short form on this page or call a professional consultant at 1-888-826-2451 and ask how replacement windows and patio doors improve home security.


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