Advantages of Bay & Bow Replacement Windows in New Jersey 

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If adding a bay and bow window to your New Jersey or New York home has always intrigued you, but you are a bit intimidated about including them in your replacement window plans, this Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro article is just for you. Taking full advantage of beautiful bay windows isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Continue reading Advantages of Bay & Bow Replacement Windows in New Jersey 

10 Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling in New Jersey & New York

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If you’ve recently completed a replacement window project on your New York or New Jersey home, you probably aren’t dreading winter’s arrival as much this year because you know there won’t be any more cold, drafty corners. Maybe you are even one of those people who anxiously waits for the first snowfall? This year you can relax in front of the picture window and enjoy the landscape as it silently transforms from dull to dazzling without dreading the heating bill. Continue reading 10 Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling in New Jersey & New York

4 Ways to Reach Your Saving Goals in New Jersey & New York

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Are you planning a vacation and can’t seem to find any extra money to stash in the reserve fund? It’s possible your windows are keeping you from meeting your saving goal. Are your home windows giving you more challenges than benefits these days? Do you ever wish you could just ditch the old ones and replace them with no-maintenance, easy-care replacement windows that can save you time and money? If that’s your current situation, Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New Metro has just what you’re looking for – modern replacement windows designed to help you stop throwing your hard-earned money out the window.

If your home windows aren’t doing their job as well as they used to, it’s time to replace them with windows that will. The best windows for your home reduce noise transfer, improve ventilation and can save you money every month on your heating and air conditioning bills. The money you may save can go directly to paying for that well-deserved vacation with the family or your retirement fund.

So, is now the time to take that step and update your home? Check out these sure fire ways to find out if your windows costing you too much, and sapping your savings. Continue reading 4 Ways to Reach Your Saving Goals in New Jersey & New York

10 Easy Fall Decorating Tips for New Jersey & New York Homes

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In the New Jersey and New York metropolitan area, Fall marks the official start of the holiday season and it’s time to start thinking about welcoming guests from near and far for family gatherings. This time of year friends drop by to share a steaming cup of hot cocoa or decadent slice of apple pie enjoyed around the table or, if you’re lucky, near a crackling fire. Make sure your home offers a welcoming entrance and a festive holiday vibe with these fall decorating tips from the Renewal by Andersen replacement window team. Continue reading 10 Easy Fall Decorating Tips for New Jersey & New York Homes

Updating Your New Jersey or New York Home with an HOA

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Updating your New Jersey or New York Metropolitan area home when you live in a housing development governed by Home Owner Association (HOA) covenants isn’t always easy. If you are considering installing replacement windows, we can help you achieve your vision without getting in trouble with the board.

Consult Your HOA about Home Window Specs Before Scheduling Your First In-Home Visit

In exchange for giving up some of your rights as a homeowner, you gain some benefits via the HOA. Usually, the monthly or annual dues cover thing like property and liability insurance for common areas, lawn care, access to community recreational facilities, and occasionally, group pricing for utilities, cable and security services.

One of the downsides of living in a covenanted neighborhood, however, is that you may have to stifle personal creativity and visual expression to ensure the area maintains prescribed appearance mandates. For example, you may not be able to paint the exterior of your home purple – not that many people do – or even replace the brick with stucco or vinyl siding.

Before initiating any home improvement project, talk to a member of the board about your plans.

Homeowners facing a meeting with the board must be focused, detail-oriented and organized. Your first step is reading the bylaws and covenants provided when you purchased your home. After a careful review, create a detailed summary of your remodel plans, including specifics about colors, building materials, an anticipated work schedule (including a beginning and ending date for your project) and anything else you can think of that may intersect with HOA rules and regulations.

The Renewal by Andersen brand has helped homeowners all across the United States achieve their personal goals, while keeping their HOA happy. In our area, that often means explaining that our patented Fibrex frame material is guaranteed to maintain its original shape, finish and color, even when subjected to our harsh winters and scorching hot summers.

Although it sometimes doesn’t seem that way, the board doesn’t create rules just to frustrate homeowners. The rules are intended to preserve an attractive presentation for residents and guests. If your association is hesitant to approve your replacement window project, we are happy to provide a copy of our exclusive 20/2/10 warranty that clearly details product performance and longevity – something that tends to impress the powers-that-be if they were expecting vinyl to be on the menu.

Schedule a Private, In-Home Consultation with a Professional Replacement Window Specialist

During your personal in-home consultation with a replacement window specialist, you (and your spouse or significant other) and the representative will discuss design features for your new windows. Sometimes frame color is a factor of contention between board members and homeowners, especially for historic districts and areas where older homes dictate style and architecture.

One thing that shouldn’t be an issue is replacement window size, since every unit is precision crafted to fit into the opening let when we remove your existing home windows. Replacing a 4′ X 8′ picture window with a 4′ X 8′ sliding window will not significantly change the exterior appearance, unless you modify the grille pattern, install patterned glass or switch to a more vibrant color. Replacing the same picture window with a bay or bow on the other hand, could dramatically transform the appearance. However, as long as the placement doesn’t negatively change the overall “integrity” of the neighborhood, most HOAs will approve diverse styles that boost property value.

You and your window consultant will discuss the important design features listed below. Follow the links for more information.

  • Replacement window and patio door styles, including: bay/bow, casement, double-hung, sliders specialty shapes, awnings and inoperable windows. Plus, contemporary sliding patio doors and French-hinged patio doors.
  • Energy-efficient Energy Star glass options that allow you to control light, harmful UV rays and heat transfer.
  • Grille patterns and placement solutions that give homeowners total control over how they see the world from both interior and exterior vantage points.
  • Color and trim choices that include: factory-applied exterior colors in a wide range of shades, prefinished and paintable wood interior components that allow you unlimited color combinations to satisfy your need to visually express yourself, while staying true to the HOA vision of the neighborhood. When viewing colors online, remember that colors are represented differently on screens than when viewed under different lighting conditions, so they may be slightly different in person from what you saw on your electronic device.

Coordinating with Your HOA is Easy with Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows of New Jersey and New York Metro Specialists at Your Side

Our primary focus at Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro is to give you what you need to bring your vision to life. We proudly offer low-maintenance replacement windows that practically clean themselves with glass coatings activated by the sun that minimize water spots. If your HOA is reluctant to approve your remodel plan, simply fill in the form on this page or call us at 1-888-826-2451 and we’ll help you create a plan for success.